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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 6, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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next on abc 2 news works for you: >> hiking through europe was his dream. tonight it's his parents' nightmare. a local 23-year-old is dead after a fatal fall in croatia. the man behind the films that defined a generation has died. a look at the work of filmmaker john hughes. plus, we're learning more about that horrific crash scene in west baltimore. >> now abc 2 news, the latest at 11. >> a woman is dead tonight after man driving a stolen car slammed into hers. good evening. i'm marybeth marsden. that deadly crash happened just before 4 this afternoon at the intersection of west lexington and north calhoun in north baltimore. delia goncalves is live with the latest. delia? >> reporter: it all started here at the intersection of lexington and mlk, about six blocks before you get over to calhoun. police were in the area conducting routine surveillance when they tell us a scan of the
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tag on the suspect vehicle revealed that it was stolen. the torn and twisted wreckage of what used to be a nissan sentra. a woman behind the wheel was killed. >> it's sad. >> and the driver of a stolen honda accord smashed into their vehicle. >> just stupid. >> reporter: we're told the stolen car was westbound on lexington. the victim's vehicle was southbound on calhoun. police aren't speculating how fast that stolen car was traveling when it blew through the four-way stop. but the force of the impact gives you some idea. a bumper and headlights literally ripped away from the suspect's vehicle. investigators say the speeding honda t-boned the speeding car on the driver's side as she was crossing on north calhoun. both vehicles ended up far from where the crash actually happened. >> the car flipped over, hit the tree. and they say the woman died. >> reporter: members of the baltimore police stolen task force were immediately told to
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call off when the suspect speeding and driving erratically nearly ran an officer off the road. though there was no chase, the driver sped off and killed an innocent woman six blocks later. now in an hear known for quiet streets, neighbors are in disbelief, seeing what is left and knowing what was taken. the woman who has not been identified died at shock trauma of her injuries, sustained in that crash. the suspect we're told at this hour is still in serious condition at an area hospital. we're life in west baltimore tonight, delia goncalves, abc 2 news. another crash tonight, this one in east baltimore. a car collided with a motor scooter at north fulton avenue and pressman around 7. the person on the scooter was taken to shock trauma with serious injuries. the driver of the car was not injured. the witnesses say the car hit the scooter while trying to make a left turn. an anne arundel county man is dead tonight after a freak accident in southern europe. late last week on a hiking
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trip, 23-year-old brandon weill slipped off a rocky ledge in croatia, falling more than 100 feet to his death. christian schaffer spoke with his mother tonight. chris? >> reporter: marybeth, brandon weill graduated from annapolis high school in 2004. since then, he had been doing exactly what he wanted to do, traveling to a number of different countries around the world. his parents are trying to make sense of the accident that took his life. smart, friendly, and easy to talk to. that's how brandon weill's mother describes him. he was a national merit semi- finalists. many of his friends headed to college. not brandon. >> he just had wanderlust. he really wanted to go and see different places. >> reporter: and that's what he did, with trips to a number of different countries in europe and even nepal with his girlfriend olga. the last time brandon's parents saw them was this past memorial day. they were excited about their upcoming trip to croatia. >> he and olga were going over
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to croatia to rendezvous with her mother and two brothers and their significant others. >> reporter: on friday, brandon, olga, and some of her family members hiked halfway up a mountain to a church near the town of makarksa, brandon wanted to keep climbing higher, which does not surprise his mother. >> we used to have to stop on the side of the road when we travel so he could climb the embankments. >> reporter: but this time he lost his footing and fell 120 feet. search teams found the body sunday. >> nobody should have to do that. it's just not right that your child dies before you. sol, you know, it's very hard. >> reporter: brandon's mother says she is comforted somewhat by the fact that he died doing what he loved. >> it's just wrong footstep, and terrible consequences. it's in god's hands. it's already and done. there wasn't anything we could do about it. >> the weills will hold a
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memorial service on august 22nd, two weeks from this saturday at 10:30 in the morning at davidsonville united methodist church in anne arundel county. they also say they're considering a visit to croatia to see the mountain and the area where brandon died for themselves. christian schaffer, abc 2 news. all the shower activity that we had throughout the afternoon has now moved off the eastern seaboard. what you see over there, that's just the heat of the day radiating back out into space as cooler air moves in over the top of the region. here is your forecast for the remainder of tonight. clear skies, cooler temperatures. we'll see an overnight low of 62. but in the northern and western suburbs, you can see temperatures in the upper 50s. a complete forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. a company bidding for a slot machine license in baltimore city is closer to getting a slots parlor. baltimore city entertainment group applied to the state in february for a casino with 500 machines, and now they want much more. the company has acquired gateway south, an 11-acre
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vacant lot south of m&t bank stadium. the city is counting on a big revenue from slots. the state commission must still approve the slots' license. >> we don't support a single -- >> but that's what obama wants. >> no, it's not what president obama wants. >> yes it is! >> the home videos of town hall meetings just keep coming, showing what seems to be a nationwide grassroots outcry over health care reform. we say seems, because the democrats say it's all a well orchestrated campaign manufactured by special interests. >> this is angry mobs organized and incited by republicans and their allies here in washington, d.c. to derail the president. >> for example, they point to this memo that surfaced supposedly from an organizer to activists in connecticut detailing how to disrupt town hall meetlings on health care reform. republican strategists deny any involvement saying there is no way to fake the kind of emotion we've been seeing on such a large scale. maryland senator ben cardin is
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scheduled to host a meeting on the reform this monday in towson. the town hall protests won't derail a massive health care overhaul. the senate has topped off the so-called cash for clunkers program, saving it from a roadside emergency. senators tonight voted on an extra $2 billion to fund the hugely popular auto rebate plan, which should keep it running smoothly through labor day. >> the ayes are 60, the nays are 31. >> they voted to extend until labor day. democratic lawmakers praised the program. thinking program is helping to put life back in our economy, helping to save and create jobs and really get our automobile sector moving forward again. >> reporter: senate supporters voted down amendments that would stall the $2 billion initiative. that's because any changes here would require another vote in
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the house currently on summer break. still, republicans argue cash for clunkers is another government handout. >> that many calls from people who have old golf clubs, and they'd like to have some cash for them. >> reporter: other winners besides the ailing auto industry include car buyers, who on average got double what their clunkers were worth, according to the website also reports that prior to the program, 39% of new car sales involved a trade- in vehicle. after 51% were trade-ins. before the program, 9% of exchange vehicles would qualify as clunkers. after 39% qualify. but the program hasn't been glitch-free. some dealers worry they would be on the hook if the program ran out of money, asked customers to return the cars. >> i blame it on the bureaucracy at the federal government. to me it seems lake a relatively simple program. and, you know, they should have known that it was going to be very popular.
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and then boom. bring the car back. >> extending cash for clunkers has some automakers including gm and ford considering an increase in production, which means some laid off workers could soon be called back. more good news for the auto industry came yesterday in the form of billions of federal dollars as the big three continue to improve the production of more eco friendly vehicles. gm's plant in white marsh will benefit from some of that money. some of the work being done here in maryland could help general motors' planned plug- ins. buick is set to debut a plug-in suv in 2011. it's said to be based on the technology used in the highly anticipated chevy volt. well, he captured on film the essence of american youth in the '80s. hollywood mourns the loss of director john hughes. and there has been a lot of talk about the recession being over. well, one voice carries more weight than most. the 2-degree guarantee for today was 81 degrees. we were 1 degree short of it.
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the actual high was 78. but that's okay. it was a nice day. another nice one is on tap. what about the rest of the weekend and into the first part of next week? let's just put hit the way. don't put your bathing substitute suit away. we'll tell you about it, coming up. try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak.
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an updated all-time favorite: juicy steak layered with zesty chipotle sauce, melted cheese, piled high with only... the toppings you love on freshly baked bread. only at subway. subway. eat fresh. busy day for maryland senator barbara mikulski, considering she just got out of the hospital. the senator, who was wheeled into the senate chamber today had ankle surgery. mikulski fell on some steps after leaving an afternoon mass at the basilica downtown last month. she broke her ankle in three places. the senator is expected to make a full recovery. mikulski was of course in d.c. today for a historic moment in our nation's history.
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>> the yaes are 68, and the nays are 31. >> and with that, sonia sotomayor is set to become the first ever hispanic supreme court justice, and just the third woman. the majority of the senate's republicans voted no, arguing that sotomayor would bring a liberal bias and personal sympathies to her rulings. however, their resistance was not enough to stop the confirmation. sotomayor will be sworn in on saturday. the pack scan any army says it is still investigating reports that a taliban chief, a high priority terrorist target was killed in a u.s. missile strike. baitullah mehsud is said to be responsible for dozens of suicide attacks and beheadings. he has almost never been seen in public, much less photographed. [ closing bell ] now to your money. and as investigators wait on a bleak job report, stocks dipped again. the dow closed down more than 24 points. the nasdaq fell just shy of 20, and the s&p finished down more
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than 5 1/2. mixed day locally. marriott took the biggest hit. t. rowe price also dropped on the day. the institution closed down more than 1 1/2%. but it wasn't all bad news. baltimore-based bank first mariner managed to gain more than half a percent on the day. different story, though, for another local bank. the rodgers forge-based bradford bank has been given 15 days to sell itself or merge, or it could become the second maryland bank to fail during this recession. the baltimore business journal reports that bradford bank was notified in may that it's, quote, significantly undercapitalized. bank execs are reportedly working tonight to meet the deadline from federal banking regulators. if bradford does fail, it would be the 70th u.s. bank to do so this year, and the second in maryland. crofton-based suburban federal savings bank failed earlier this year. but in all, bank failures are slowing, and the housing market is looking better.
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could the tough times be over? one noted economist says yes. in fact, he says it ended last month. dennis germ madeleine albright said, quote, we saw what happened two weeks ago. it's over, unquote. having done this for 35 years, i have fallen into a couple of indicators that characteristically have done a very good job. he says those indicators are showing an end to this recession. the biggest sign gartman looks at is a steady spike downward of weekly jobless claims. the film industry is mourning the loss of popular writer/director john hughes, who died from an apparent heart attack in manhattan. john hughes died suddenly today. he brought us some of the most popular movies of the '80s and '90s. ♪ well shake it up baby now >> reporter: movies that defined a generation. >> bueller? bueller?
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>> does barry manilow know that you raid his wardrobe? >> what's happening, hot stuff? ♪ >> reporter: john hughes was 59. ♪ >> ah, we remember them well. it makes me want to go rent some of the movies. my kids still watch "home alone." they love it. >> a great movie. great weather today after the rain got out. it's a beautiful evening out there. and again, the moon is right next to the planet jupiter. >> if you -- it's really bright. maybe we can get a shot of it by the end of the weather. we'll see if our video man can do it. >> throwing out the challenge. >> take a look outside right now. our shot from downtown overlooking the inner harbor. things looking good, and at bwi thurgood marshall right now. our temperature is already down to 65 degrees.
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wow. 93% humidity there is no wind. pressurizing 30.01 there are the tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. high tide 7:45 in the morning. wind tomorrow from the northwest 6 to 12. sun comes up at 6:11. we'll set at 8:13. low this morning 65 degrees. that's the current temperature around the region. there is that 65. the low this morning was 67. but the daytime low will be what it actually is at midnight. we could be even a little cooler than that. as far as throughout the day, lots of clouds throughout the region, early morning showers, and then on the eastern shore. as we went through the afternoon, we saw some shower and thunderstorm activity develop right there, gradually make its way off into the atlantic. right now nice clear skies. now back in the mountains, there is a few little light clouds back there. but when we take a look at the larger picture, what we see is as this little area of high pressure, as weak as it is, is bringing down cooler, dryer
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air. lower humidity,ler temperatures. that's going to be our weather during the day tomorrow. and again, as we go into the weekend. but as we head into the weekend, the temperatures are going to start to creep on up just a tiny bit. what is going to be happening is as the area of high pressure slips off to the east, we're going to get winds coming out of the west. not tomorrow, but over the weekend. and we're going to start to bring in more moisture, more heat from the south, and consequently we're looking at some very warm temperatures. for the beginning of next week, we could see temperatures probably as high, if not higher than what we've seen so far this summer time. right now maryland's most powerful radar. no precipitation around. but the little light green that you see around here and on the eastern shore. the radar is so sensitive, that the heat of the day as it radiates back out into space is picking up the different density of the air. now temperature-wise right now, in eldersberg 67. 64 in westminster. 69 in towson. edgemere 76. and over on the eastern shore, rock hall right now at 65 degrees. here your forecast for tonight.
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clear skies, a few clouds back into western maryland. and as we go through tomorrow, lots of sunshine on tap. we're going to be a little warmer tomorrow. on saturday we'll see a few little light clouds. but no precipitation. there might be a scattered shower on the eastern shore. as far as our forecast for the overknie night period, clear skies, cooler temperatures. overnight low of 62 degrees. during the day -- and by the way, in some of the northern and western suburbs, could be in the upper 50s. mostly sunny tomorrow, 85 degrees with lower humidity. and the extended outlook for the next seven days. there it is right there. as you can see, lots of sunshine tomorrow with 85, which is still below normal for this time of the year. now on saturday and sunday, as you can see, the heat and humidity start making their way back into the region, giving us a slim chance for a scattered shower or thunderstorm. then monday, tuesday, and wednesday also scattered showers. but look at the temperature on monday, 92 degrees. and that may be a conserve temperature. so we're looking at a little brief shot of some summer coming back. ant don't forget, you can always go tower website to
11:21 pm to check out our online radar that you can access yourself. when you click on the weather tab, this is the page that comes up. what you do is scroll on down and get to the radar pages in the process of refreshing right now. but at the bill of the page, you also find satellite pictures, radar, seven-day forecast, all different kinds of things that you can do on your computer yourself 24/7, 365 at marybeth? >> thank you, norm. in 2 your health now, back to school is right around the corner, and that means making sure your kids have their vaccinations. baltimore county department of public health is offering two clinics at no cost to county residents. the first was today and another one tomorrow at the woodlawn health center. that runs from 11 to 4 p.m. parents are asked to bring a copy of their child's immunization record with them. or head to snoop dogg huddles up with the ravens in westminster.
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and the rookies just keep getting younger. some future ravens show us their stuff. america, whattaya say to big cheesy-steaky-ness!
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the orioles tried to split their series with the tigers today in detroit, but the birds couldn't get it done, losing 7- 3. baltimore has now lost 15 of 20 since the all star break. the orioles continue their road trip tomorrow night, taking on the bluejays in toronto. this is for our producer kyle. in westminster today, snoop doesle was in the hizzle for schizzle. he made a trip to training camp. he performed last night, so ray lewis invited his friend to training camp this morning. even though he is a steelers fan. >> ray, ray lewis one of the greatest linebackers ever to play the game. personal friend of mine. i love his story.
11:25 pm
i love his hustle. i love his attitude, his enthusiasm, his whole geton. it's an inspiration to see how he can inspire his whole team and turn the level up, and how they go out there and just become dogs. they just nasty on the field. uhg! i love it. >> we took a couple of notes and it was fun. broke us down over there, did ray's deal, it was fun. >> he even coaches a youth football team in california. and speaking of the youth, some future ravens showed off their skills at camp today. take a look. >> we're here for ravens rookies. we're here for you. what is the most important thing we're going to do today? can you tell me? >> fly. >> what did you say? >> i don't think we're loose yet! we got to do it one more time. i think this camp right now today is just so full of
11:26 pm
energy. i'm just so happy that i've got a bunch of kids out here that have got their minds wide open, ready to have a whole lot of fun. >> any dogs in the house? >> one two three! >> everybody, see the guy right there? one, go to one now! go! >> there is a couple of kids i saw looked a little like future matt stovers, future joe flaccos. >> man, that was a great spiral. let me check that arm out. it's amazing! i don't even know what i'm doing and i'm getting it right. let me see that again. we're going do have corn on the cobb later. >> coach is really energetic. he yells a lot. >> let's go! let's do it. they're all getting to learn everything about football. the pass, the punt, the kick, catch the balls, learning everything. it's a blast! got to have more rookies. come on out here. let's go. good job. >> yeah! hey, u.s. presidents are often brilliant men, some way ahead of their time.
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more than 150 years after his death, john quincy adams is tweeting. a high school student touring the archives of the sixth u.s. president recently noted that adams' diary entries looked a lot like tweets. on this very day in 1809, adams wrote thick fog, scanty wind on g's bank. latitude 3234. it comes in at 109 characters, well under twitter's 140- character limit. thanks to the massachusetts historical society, you actually follow diary entries more than 200 years old now on twitter. and if you tried to follower jqa today, you may have noticed that twitter was having some problems. but no worries. it's all up and running again. twitter was briefly hacked into. but the problem was quickly resolved. we'll be back with a final look at your forecast, coming up next. tomorrow on "good morning maryland," time to hit the town and get a taste for some of baltimore's great, great restaurants at an affordable
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sunshine and mild tomorrow, but heat is on its way back or the the end of the weekend and the first part of the weekend. we did get a shot of the moon and jupiter there is the moon. and that little dot next, that's the planet jupiter. >> very cool. that's all for us tonight. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. >> friday at 11, budgeting basics. >> they can overspend. >> don't send your kids to college without money 101. >> they have to know how much they can afford. >> abc 2 friday on your set, net, and cell. abc 2 news on your iphone available at the aps store now. be the first to know. forecast, video clips, breaking news, with just a touch.
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